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30 April 2011 @ 10:32 pm
Writers30Days Challenge: How it Always Goes  
Title: How it Always Goes
Story: 10 of 15
Theme: Angst
Character: Eleventh Doctor
Rating: PG
Warnings: Set in the future, but with no spoilers for season 6

Story written for writers30days Round 1

He closes the door on them shortly after they step out of the TARDIS, turning the lock to prevent them returning.

He hears Amy shouting and yelling at him, the banging of her fists against the doors, but it doesn't stop him ascending up the steps to the console. His eyes stay on the controls and he numbly begins pushing buttons and pulling levers, the TARDIS whispering mournfully in his mind.

He leaves because he know he could never say goodbye. He was bad at goodbyes anyway, but how could he say goodbye to brilliant, marvelous Amy Pond and accepting, determined Rory Pond?

No, it was better to just go, leave them behind like he's left others, like he left Susan. He hopes in his hearts that she got on with her life and lived and loved. This time he knows Amy has Rory and as long as they have each other, they'll be okay.

As for him? Well, he always said to himself it was better to be alone, but his hearts never believed him.
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