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30 April 2011 @ 10:40 pm
Writers30Days Challenge: From Yesterday  
Title: From Yesterday
Story: 13 of 15
Theme: Writer's Choice 1: Song 2
Character: Eleventh Doctor
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for The Impossible Astronaut, don't read this if you haven't yet seen the episode! Inspired by the song 'From Yesterday' by 30 Seconds To Mars

Story written for writers30days Round 1

He's a stranger to some
And a vision to none
He can never get enough
Get enough of the one
For a fortune he'd quit
But it's hard to admit
How it ends and begins
On his face is a map of the world
(A map of the world)
On his face is a map of the world
(A map of the world)

From yesterday, it's coming
From yesterday, the fear
From yesterday, it calls him
But he doesn't want to read the message here

He stands as the truck further up the sandy trail comes to a stop. He already knows who's going to step out even before the driver's door opens and he raises a hand in acknowledgement rather than greeting. The man, once out of his truck, offers the same gesture. He knows who it is because he invited him in the same manner he invited Amy, Rory and River.

He remembers how it all began and he knows how its going to end.

"Who's that?" Amy asks, still sat on the picnic blanket, but he doesn't answer her.

"Oh my god." River quiet exclamation silences any attempt he might've made anyway.

He doesn't need to turn around to know what River has seen, what is standing in the lake close to the shoreline, and that what is waiting for him is more than an astronaut from 1969. He turns just as Amy and Rory stand and follow River's line of sight.

"You all need to stay back." He tells them firmly, but with an edge of sad resignation. "Whatever happens now you do not interfere, clear?" Only then does he turn to look at his three companions, making his meaning understood.

He knows how it will end, as he walks down to the shoreline through the sand, but they don't and that, rather than not doing what he's done his entire life, suddenly becomes the hardest thing of all.

"I've been running my whole life, now it's time for me to stop."
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